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    Creators of vivid alternate realities; captivating interactive stories; immersive experiences; and deeply personal theatrical journeys.

    What is immersive theatre? What are alternate realities?

    Using mixed theatrical and real world mediums (theatre sets; film, audio and visual technology; live scripted and improvised acting; social media platforms; email and phone communication; physical clues, puzzles and objects and real world locations for our audience to interact with) we produce stories in an alternate reality that feels like the real world. Unconstrained by the boundaries of traditional theatre, we allow our audience not just to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ our stories, but to live inside them, to interact with them, and to influence and shape the story itself.


    The best way to describe it, is that we create a ‘choose your own adventure’ in a mixture of dramatized and real world environments.

    Sharing Stories

    We like to tell stories. But more than that we like to share stories. We share responsibility with our audience by creating stories collaboratively with them. Afterall, all good stories only become good stories when they materialise and grow in the imagination of the audience

    We think, therefore we are?

    When is fiction only fiction? How can you really tell what is reality? At Incognito Experiences we believe that ideas become reality simply when we make them real in our heads. We can believe ideas into existence. We provide the inspiration to our audiences, and they using their own imagination, make the story real. Together we make new realities. Who knows what you might discover there?

    Our work

    In the past we have developed bespoke experiences for clients, and have now begun producing by-invitation public productions.


    To be kept informed of our work and to have the opportunity to be invited to future productions please register your interest in our work on the subscriber page ‘Register Interest’


    We are currently working on ‘Love Letters’ which will be a digitally based alternate reality experience freely available to all who want to join it. An interactive story told across multiple social media and digital platforms including websites, blogs and direct digital communications with participants. Some participants may also have the opportunity for physical mailings, direct interactions and live ‘missions’.







    True love is timeless....isn't it?


    LOVE LETTERS will offer an adventurous romp through time and space in the cause of true love, and saving the universe.

    A multi platform Alternate Reality Experience, utilizing social media and a variety of digital platforms, you will be able to follow and indeed shape the story, by exploring mysteries and solving puzzles. Some participants may also have the opportunity to physically interact with the story in the real as well as digital world.


    Expected to launch next year. Register Interest with us for more information prior to launch.

  • Previous Projects

    The following pages gives you a small glimpse into the sort of projects we have produced in the past, Altitude; and Hitch-hiker. Both were immersive live theatre experiences that took a story outwith the confines of a normal theatre setting, and where the participants were a real part of telling the story.



    When we take a flight somewhere there is a magic in the journey - sailing above the clouds, looking down on the world below. It is the only time that we get to leave behind the Earth and take our feet firmly off the ground.


    For even a short journey, we physically leave behind our responsibilities and the roles put upon us. At 35000 feet in the air with no phone signal- we cannot undertake the burdens usually placed upon us and there is often no expectation on us that we live up to our usual selves, at least while we are in that sanctuary of a metal box with wings.


    When you fly, do you take advantage of it?


    In ‘Altitude’ come on a journey with us. The only baggage you bring, is that which you choose to bring with you. So, choose carefully.

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    The ALTITUDE Experience


    Altitude: The measured or perceived height of something above a defined base level.


    Altitude is a tongue-in-cheek look at how on the surface people often present an elevated picture of themselves to the outside world, but that at a basic level we are all the same skin, bones, blood, and dust.


    At the same time, it is a serious conversation about what we truly value, in life, and in death. It is a chance, whilst in a sanctuary and safe space 35000 feet away from the surface of the Earth, for participants to truly reflect on their own personal values.


    Sipping a gin and tonic in the first class section of a plane, whilst flying through purgatory and conversing with Death himself, Altitude truly provides participants the flight of a lifetime.


    ‘Taking part in immersive theatre is a bit like hitchhiking. You know where you are headed but you have no control over the journey. You have to let yourself go and open yourself up to a new experience. You have to be open to interacting with and trusting strangers, and sharing a story with them. It is both terrifying and thrilling. When it’s good, the journey becomes so much more than the destination.’

  • Hitchhiking

    Hitchhiking used to be a much more common way of getting from place to place. When transportation was expensive and only the wealthy few had vehicles, it was commonplace and socially acceptable for those that did not have transport to sometimes ‘hitch a ride’. What is more, picking up a hitchhiker was seen as a charitable and generous thing to do.


    These days with more than 270 million passenger vehicles on the road in the USA alone, there is not the same need. But more than that, hitchhiking is seen as a dangerous activity, both for hitchhiker and driver.


    It is a sad truth that today we expect, and not unreasonably so, that people will only do something for us with a sinister motive or if they want something from us. Yet very few of us get up each morning with evil intents. We are all just simply human, trying to get by in the same world.


    Hitchhiking is more than just temporarily sharing the asset of a vehicle, the gas, the engine, the tyres and the miles. It is sharing a journey. Sharing a moment in time. Sharing space. Sharing a bit of our stories. The true generosity goes both ways. It is sharing a trust with a stranger and sharing a short piece of our lives. It is the most human of transactions, and in truth it is that which truly scares us.

    The Hitchhiker Experience

    In Hitchhiker, our audience are once again asked to be a traveller with us. They are asked to take a leap of faith and take a short journey with four characters who are strangers to them. We don’t ask our travellers to put their judgements and their fears aside- they can bring with them whatever beliefs and perceptions they wish, with no judgements levied in return. We just ask them to be open minded, and bring their true selves as they share in the journey.


    Hitchhiker is a satirical look at our appetite and perception of risk, and the judgements we make, particularly about people we don't know.

    With dark comedy overtones, Hitchhiker examines what it means to be a stranger and takes a hard look at our perceptions and misconceptions of others.


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